Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Private Jet Card

Jet Card Membership programs provide a variety of benefits that are making them more and more popular


Jet cards usually fall between on-demand charter and fractional ownership in the hierarchy of private aviation options. While most jet cards have a minimum of 25 hours or $100,000 of flight time, more and more there are jet cards and membership programs starting at 10 hours or $50,000.

Everything You Need To Know About Jet Cards Before You Buy One

There are over 65 differences in jet card programs, from membership fees and hourly rates to peak days, pilot and aircraft sourcing, service areas and more


Before you buy a jet card, here is what you need to know. Best of all, it’s all in one place for registered users of Private Jet Card Comparisons saving hours of research and thousands of dollars by choosing a program that doesn’t meet your needs. 

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