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While it’s true light jets typically aren’t as fast as larger private jets, there are more than two dozen light jets that have a maximum cruise speed exceeding 500 miles per hour

If you want to fly by light jet – because you don’t need the range, passenger, or baggage capacity of larger private jets, you don’t necessarily have to give up speed. In addition to more than two dozen light jets that have maximum cruise speeds exceeding 500 miles per hour, the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS and Bombardier Learjet 40/45 series, which technically are midsize jets but are often sold in light jet programs, also can fly you at 500 + miles per hour.

Choosing The Right Jet Card

Specific to true light jets, Dassault’s Falcon 10 and 100 are the speed leaders with a maximum cruising speed of 564 miles per hour. Many of the other fast light jets are out of production, but the good news is you can find them in the various jet card programs.

If you want speed and a specific jet, OneFlight International has a program using the Beechcraft Beechjet 400, which has a maximum cruising speed of 531 miles per hour while the Hawker 400XP at 518 miles per hour (from Magellan Jets) and the Phenom 300/300E at 511 miles per hour (Flexjet, NetJets, Airshare, Magellan Jets, Nicholas Air, OneFlight), are all programs where you can specify particular jet types. Consider subscribing to Private Jet Comparisons here if you want to compare over 250 programs in easy-to-use spreadsheets

Which light jets are fastest? Compare over 60 light and very light jets by maximum cruise speed, normal cruise speed, and long-range cruise speed:

Aircraft NameMax Cruise Speed (mph)Normal Cruise Speed (mph)Long Range Cruise Speed (mph)
Dassault Falcon 10564520498
Dassault Falcon 100564520498
SyberJet SJ30556534502
Sabreliner Sabre 40A552493471
Bombardier Learjet 25D547510481
Bombardier Learjet 24D547505472
Bombardier Learjet 24E547505472
Nextant Aerospace 400XT542529466
Bombardier Learjet 35A541502488
Bombardier Learjet 36A541502488
Bombardier Learjet 31A532507480
Bombardier Learjet 31ER532507480
Bombardier Learjet 31A/ER532507480
Bombardier Learjet 31532507480
Beechcraft Beechjet 400531513456
Beechcraft Premier I531490426
Nextant Aerospace 400XTi529514467
Beechcraft Beechjet 400A527517472
Cessna Citation CJ4522522437
Beechcraft Premier IA522490426
Beechcraft Hawker 400XP518518472
Beechcraft Hawker 400XPR514514489
Embraer Phenom 300511495441
Embraer Phenom 300E511495441
Pilatus PC-24506NA407
Cessna Citation Encore+495495428
Cessna Citation Encore495495428
Cessna Citation Ultra495495428
Honda Aircraft HA-420 HondaJet486486410
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super SII S550483483411
Cessna Citation CJ3480480400
Cessna Citation CJ3+480480400
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super II 550478478398
Cessna Citation CJ2+475475404
Cessna Citation CJ2475475396
Beechcraft Diamond 1A467467423
Embraer Phenom 100EV467383383
Cessna Citation Bravo466466386
Cessna Citation M2465436381
Sierra Industries FJ44 Eagle II 501SP463443403
Cessna Citation V457457403
Sierra Industries FJ44 Stallion 501SP455420397
Embraer Phenom 100E449427383
Embraer Phenom 100449427383
Cessna Citation CJ1+448448353
Cessna Citation S/II444444359
Cessna Citation CJ1438438353
Cessna Citation Jet434419348
One Aviation Eclipse 500427425380
One Aviation Eclipse 550427425380
One Aviation Total Eclipse 500427425380
Cessna Citation II/IISP409409369
Cessna Citation 500409382357
Cessna Citation I/ISP397397357
Cessna Citation Mustang391391367
Cirrus Vision SF50345339276
Source: Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc. Note:  Seating is standard configuration, provided for guidance only, and may vary by owner.

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Airshare (formerly Executive AirShare)

Airshare Phenom 300

Airshare Executive Overview

Year Founded2000
LeadershipJohn Owen, President & CEO
Alex Franz, Chief Operating Officer
Alex Tretiak, Chief Marketing Officer
Dylan Haynie, Chief Revenue Officer
Steve Blanck, General Counsel
HeadquartersLenexa, KS
Jet Card Hourly RatesPhenom 100 is $2,817, including FET, excluding the $54,000 base charge to cover 10 days of usage
Related ProductsAircraft Management, Fractional Ownership
Related CompaniesNone

Lenexa, Kansas-based Airshare, offers fractional shares, leases, and jet cards on Embraer Phenom 300s and Phenom 100s using a by-the-day formula instead of the typical hourly model. As of Fall 2021, it is adding super midsize Challenger 350s to its fleet.

Pro golf legend Tom Watson says, “The reason I switched to Airshare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.”

Its current lead ambassador is Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes. The company also offers aircraft management.

Airshare serves clients located within 120 nautical miles of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, Tulsa, OK; Kansas City, Wichita, KS; Denver, CO; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN, and Buffalo, NY. This includes Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, and Milwaukee, WI, and Toronto, Canada.

Airshare is included in Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 jet card providers, enabling you to compare programs in minutes.

When was Airshare founded?


Who owns Airshare?


Who is the CEO?

John Owen

How are aircraft sourced?

Its fractional fleet
Airshare Fleet
Phenom 100Very Light Jet
Phenom 300Light Jet
Challenger 350Super Midsize Jet
Source: Airshare

What are the initiation and membership fees?

There are no initiation or membership fees

What is Airshare’s entry-level program?

10 days access for $54,000 on the Phenom 100

Does Airshare provide guaranteed availability?

Jet cards do not have guaranteed availability. Fractional shares and leases have guaranteed availability

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Rates are guaranteed

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

Fractional share and lease customers can access multiple aircraft at the same time. Jet card members cannot.

What is the company website?

Where is Airshare’s headquarters?

Lenexa, KS

Contact a Sales Executive at Airshare

Latest Airshare News

The latest news and updates from Airshare:

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