Gulfstream G500

Gulfstream G500

Gulfstream 500 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options

Gulfstream G500 Facts

Aviation International News calls the Gulfstream G500 “a bold move for a manufacturer as conservative as Gulfstream yet also a logical progression in business jet design.”

Aviation Week adds, “Gulfstream officials fully appreciate that the G500 represents more than just a new model. It’s a step-change in aircraft design that is the basis for the new G700 flagship and other unannounced models in the pipeline.”

It’s a clean sheet replacement for the G450 and GIV platform, and Robb Report notes the differences. “The interior space has grown as well, and now features six feet and four inches of headroom…The cabin is 41.5 feet long with an open layout that accommodates a total of 10 seats, a comfy three-person sofa stacked with pillows, and a big TV on a credenza facing the aft dining area.”

You can also fly nonstop from New York to Moscow or Dallas to Buenos Aires at Mach .90, just under 700 miles per hour.

The list price for a new G500 is $45 million. There is only one used G500 currently listed for sale, and it is at an undisclosed price.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start: 2018

Production Ends: In Production

The Gulfstream G500 is a follow-up to the G450/GIV platform

Cabin Category

Large Cabin – Heavy Jet – Ultra Long Haul

Fleet Size

As of February 2021, Amstat lists 49 G500s in service. Prominent fleet operators include Qatar Airways and Flexjet.

G500 Cabin Size and Passengers

Gulfstream G500 interior cabin layout
The Gulfstream G500 seats up to 13 and can sleep 6. You can also choose a forward or aft galley layout.

Height: 6.2 feet finished

Width: 7.7 feet finished

Length: 47.7 feet

Seating Capacity: Up to 13; Typically sleeps 6 in three living areas


5,300 nautical miles


Maximum Speed: Mach 0.925, or 709 miles per hour

High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.90 or 690 miles per hour

Baggage Space

175 cubic feet, all interior space accessible from the passenger cabin


Fractional Ownership – Yes

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


The price for a new G500 is approximately $45 million

Other Gulfstream models currently in production

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