These Light Jets have the most baggage capacity


Will your luggage fit? With light jets, there is naturally less luggage space than bigger private jets. These light jets have the most space for your baggage

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, as we look at light jets, the industry definition is aircraft under 20,000 pounds for maximum takeoff weight. However, there are several types that you will often find classified as light jets – the Citations Excel/XLS and Learjet 40/45 that are technically midsize jets. For these reports, we’ve used data supplied by Conklin & de Decker, which we divided by maximum takeoff weight, so as you consider jet card providers, you may find aircraft you were expecting to find here with the midsize jets. We offer our Jet Card Decider service for paid subscribers if you want to save some time and let us help you.

The new Pilatus PC-24 edges out Embraer’s Phenom 300 series with 90 cubic feet of storage versus 85 cubic feet when it comes to total baggage space. As you look at the chart below, the difference between internal and external storage is that with internal storage, you have access to that luggage compartment directly from the passenger area so you can get to your bags inflight. Just for reference, the Citation Excel/XLS has 90 cubic feet of baggage storage space, while the Learjet 45 series is at 65 cubic feet.

Back to actual light jets, after the Phenom 300, the Beechcraft Premier 1/1A offers 77 cubic feet of space followed closely by several Citation variations and then the Phenom 100 with 70 cubic space. Of course, your luggage isn’t necessarily measured in cubic feet, for example, golf clubs, skis, dive gear, and so forth, so before signing up for a light jet program, make sure if you travel with large amounts of luggage or various sports gear or other oversized baggage to discuss in depth your needs with the providers you are considering.

Which light jets have the most luggage space? Compare over 60 light and very light jets by internal, external and total space for your baggage:

Aircraft NameBaggage Volume Internal (cu. ft.)Baggage Volume External (cu. ft.)Total Baggage Volume (cu. ft.)
Pilatus PC-240.0090.0090.00
Embraer Phenom 30019.0066.0085.00
Embraer Phenom 300E19.0066.0085.00
Beechcraft Premier I23.0055.0078.00
Beechcraft Premier IA23.0055.0078.00
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super SII S55036.0041.0077.00
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super II 55036.0041.0077.00
Cessna Citation CJ46.0071.0077.00
Cessna Citation S/II36.0041.0077.00
Cessna Citation II/IISP36.0041.0077.00
Cessna Citation Bravo28.0046.0074.00
Cessna Citation CJ24.0070.0074.00
Cessna Citation Encore+28.0043.0071.00
Cessna Citation Encore28.0043.0071.00
Embraer Phenom 100EV10.0060.0070.00
Embraer Phenom 100E10.0060.0070.00
Embraer Phenom 10010.0060.0070.00
Cessna Citation Ultra26.0041.0067.00
Cessna Citation V26.0041.0067.00
Honda Aircraft HA-420 HondaJet0.0066.0066.00
Cessna Citation CJ30.0065.0065.00
Cessna Citation CJ3+0.0065.0065.00
Cessna Citation CJ2+0.0065.0065.00
Cessna Citation Mustang6.0057.0063.00
Cessna Citation CJ18.0051.0059.00
Sierra Industries FJ44 Eagle II 501SP40.0017.0057.00
Sierra Industries FJ44 Stallion 501SP40.0017.0057.00
Cessna Citation I/ISP40.0017.0057.00
Cessna Citation 50040.0017.0057.00
Nextant Aerospace 400XT31.0025.0056.00
Nextant Aerospace 400XTi31.0025.0056.00
Beechcraft Hawker 400XPR31.0025.0056.00
Beechcraft Beechjet 400A30.0026.0056.00
Beechcraft Hawker 400XP31.0025.0056.00
Cessna Citation Jet4.0051.0055.00
SyberJet SJ300.0053.0053.00
Beechcraft Diamond 1A20.0033.0053.00
Beechcraft Beechjet 40012.0033.0045.00
Cessna Citation CJ1+0.0045.0045.00
Cessna Citation M20.0043.1043.10
Sabreliner Sabre 40A43.000.0043.00
Dassault Falcon 1013.0028.0041.00
Bombardier Learjet 35A40.000.0040.00
Dassault Falcon 10012.0028.0040.00
Bombardier Learjet 31A40.000.0040.00
Bombardier Learjet 25D40.000.0040.00
Bombardier Learjet 24D40.000.0040.00
Bombardier Learjet 24E40.000.0040.00
Bombardier Learjet 31ER30.000.0030.00
Bombardier Learjet 31A/ER30.000.0030.00
Bombardier Learjet 3130.000.0030.00
Bombardier Learjet 36A27.000.0027.00
Cirrus Vision SF500.0023.5023.50
One Aviation Eclipse 50016.000.0016.00
One Aviation Eclipse 55016.000.0016.00
One Aviation Total Eclipse 50016.000.0016.00

Source: Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc., July 14, 2018. Note:  Seating is standard configuration, provided for guidance only, and may vary by owner.

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