2017 Jet Card Comparisons by Chapter

  1. The Players (Note: This information lives on the website and has open access.)
  2. Corporate Overviews
  3. Websites, Sales Contacts, and Service Areas
  4. Product Overviews
  5. Policies
  6. Fees
  7. Discounts and Surcharges
  8. Travel Planning
  9. Traveling Considerations
  10. Customer Support

2017 Jet Card Overviews by Company

  1. Air Partner, Inc.
  2. Airstream Jets Inc.
  3. Clay Lacy Aviation
  4. Concord Private Jet
  5. Delta Private Jets
  6. ExpertJet
  7. Flexjet
  8. Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.
  9. Jet Linx
  10. JetSet Group
  11. JetSuite
  12. Magellan Jets
  13. NetJets / Marquis Jet
  14. Nicholas Air
  15. Paramount Business Jets
  16. Private Jet Services International (PJS Group)
  17. Private Fly
  18. Prive Jets
  19. Sentient
  20. Silverhawk Aviation
  21. Solairus Aviation
  22. Star Jets International
  23. StraightLine Private Air
  24. VistaJet
  25. Wheels Up
  26. Wholesale Jet Club
  27. XOJET

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