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“Love your research and spreadsheet. What an amazing way to demystify the various programs.”

Naveen, Founder, Atlanta

“I signed up to Doug’s 2020 edition of Private Jet Card Comparisons, which I found to be very informative and valuable. As I am evaluating the various options, Doug continues to provide very useful insights and advice. It is one of the best $250 investments I have ever made.”

Davidi, Venture Capitalist, Amsterdam

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Already in a jet card program? Coming off a fractional share? Compare over 250 other programs by more than 65 variables!

NetJets, Wheels Up, Sentient compared

It used to take days and even weeks of research to collect information about jet cards

Then you had to compare information from company marketing brochures, creating your own spreadsheets

Next, you had to go back to the various private jet companies asking for information not in their collateral or on their websites

By gathering the information for you in a spreadsheet format, when Private Jet Card Comparisons launched in 2017, we cut the comparing process to under an hour

Now, with Private Jet Card Comparisons 2.0, you can search our database by over 65 variables to find the programs that best match your needs in less than 5 minutes

Search by a specific company from more than 50 providers

Search by type of aircraft you want, cabin size, number of seats, how the aircraft are sourced

Compare pricing, and see if there are fuel surcharges and other extra fees, including the number of peak days and peak day surcharges

Search by safety standards, the lead time for bookings and cancelations, segment and daily minimums, availability of WiFi, policies on bringing pets or the minimum age for sending unaccompanied minors

Make sure you don’t miss out

Find the programs that best meet your needs

The only private aviation research site that doesn’t sell your personal data to providers

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Jet Card programs make flying easy.

Choosing the right program isn’t. Choosing the wrong program can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

We can help you figure out what’s right for you with our online buyer’s guide, and we even give you personalized assistance at no extra cost with our VIP Jet Card Decider support.

Before you spend $25,000 to $1 million buying a private aviation membership, we help you find the solution that makes sense for you and make sure you are buying the right program for your needs.


Compare Jet Card over 250 programs by 65+ variables:

– Aircraft Types and Sourcing Standards

– Pricing, including Roundtrip Discounts, Membership Fees, and Fuel Surcharges

– Daily and Segment Minimums

– Service Areas and Surcharges

– Pilot Experience Requirements and Safety Overview

– Lead Time for Reservations and Cancelations

– Peak Day Policies and Surcharges

– Company Size, CEO, and Overview

– Insurance and Escrow Accounts

– Catering, Deicing, Wi-Fi, Pets and Unaccompanied Minors

The only private aviation research site that doesn’t sell your personal data to providers

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Subscribers Speak

“The jet company’s salesperson commented several times about how much more knowledgeable I was about private jet programs than their average potential client, and that is thanks to your spreadsheet information and newsletters.  So thank you!”

Steve, Attorney, Minneapolis, MN

As usual your information is greatly appreciated. You already know what we don’t know.”   

 Michael, CEO, Texarkana, TX

“I’m a subscriber to your service and you have helped me a great deal in learning more about the private jet card market – both in terms of your Jet Card Comparisons Guide and VIP Jet Card Decider service. It really helped me customize my search to offers that best matched my travel profile…Thank you again for your amazing service. It made a huge difference.”

Joe, CFO, Seattle, WA

“You are a lifesaver navigating this minefield of jet cards.”

Kenny, CEO, Santa Barbara, CA

“Your guide was extremely helpful, and thank you for the time you spent giving me your insights.” 

– Jay, CEO, Dallas, TX

“The spreadsheet format was easy to use and saved me hours and hours of research”

– Marcia, CFO, Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.  You provide information and analysis that is not duplicated anywhere else.”

– David, Retired, Seattle, WA

Named “15 Best Business Ideas” by Wise Bread

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Find the programs that match your needs in less than 5 minutes


The only spreadsheet-based guide makes comparing easy

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 11.52.47 AM
Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only comparisons website providing detailed information that is critical in choosing the right program and provider

Private Jet Card Comparisons offers subscribers a single easy-to-use spreadsheet comparing 55+ providers and over 250 programs by more than 65 variables

Compare Able American Jets; Air Charter Service; Air Partner; Airshare (formerly Executive AirShare); Airstream Jets Inc.; Alliance Aviation; Amalfi Jets; Clay Lacy Aviation; Concord Private Jet; Delta Private Jets, Inc.; Dominion Charter, Ltd.; Dreamline Aviation, Dumont Aviation; Executive Jet Management; Exec 1 Aviation (formerly DashJet); ExpertJet; Flexjet; Fly Aeolus; FlyExclusive; FXAIR; GlobeAir; GrandView Aviation; Hopscotch Air; International Jet; Jet Algo; Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.; Jet Linx Aviation; Jetlogic Ltd.; Jet the World; JetSet Group;; Jettly; LunaJets SA; Luxury Aircraft Solutions; Magellan Jets; Netjets (including Marquis Jet); Nicholas Air; Northern Jet Management; ONEFlight International; Outlier Jets; Paramount Business Jets; Priester Aviation; Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group); PrivateFly; Prive Jets; Qatar Executive; Quantum Jets; Sentient Jet; Silverhawk Aviation; Solairus Aviation Aviation; Starflight Aviation; Star Jets International LLC; StraightLine Private Air; Tradewind Aviation; Unity Jets; Vault Jet; Velocity Jets; VistaJet; Wheels Up, and XO (formerly XOJET and JetSmarter).

“I look forward to helping you find the right solution for your needs”

– Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief           

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Barron's private jet card guide

For advice on the best deals, Barron’s Penta turned to Doug Gollan, founder of Private Jet Card Comparisons, a modern-day online Kelley Blue Book for private jet cards that compares over 250 programs by 60-plus characteristics.

Business Traveller magazine

Journalist and jet expert Doug Gollan says doing your research is essential, which is why he founded, a site designed to help you work out what suits you best.

Private Jet Card Comparisons - As seen in The New York Times, Luxury Daily, NBC News, USA Today and other leading media

Start Comparing Over 250 Programs Online With Our Exclusive 65+ Point Checklist


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