Air Charter Service

Air Charter Service Executive Overview

Year Founded



Surbiton, England


Chris Leach


Justin Bowman


Stewart Pitt

Group Finance Director

Justin Lancaster

Group Commercial Director

Ruan Courtney

Chief Operating Officer

Omar Saeed

Group Legal Director

James Leach

Group Marketing Director

Christine Leach

Non-executive Director

Andrew Christie

Group Executive Jets Director

Richard Thompson

Regional Director, Americas

Jet Card Hourly Rates

US hourly rates from $5,775 for a light jet; European hourly prices from 5,560 euros

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Group Charters, Cargo Charters; Air Ambulance, and On-demand charter

U.K.-based charter broker Air Charter Service offers fixed-rate jet cards with primary service areas in both the U.S. and Europe.

There are capped hourly rates and dynamic pricing options.

According to the company, it operates over 23,000 flights per year, with over $1.2 billion in sales claimed.

In addition to large and sports teams groups, it also offers cargo charters.

ACS has offices worldwide across Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific.

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Air Charter Service Fast Facts

When was Air Charter Service founded?


Who owns Air Charter Service?

Air Charter Service is privately held, with Chris Leach and Justin Bowman its two primary owners.

How many customers does Air Charter Service have?

Air Charter Service arranges over 23,000 flights per year

What are the annual revenues for Air Charter Service?

In its latest financial year, ending in February, Air Charter Service had over $1.2 billion in revenues

Who is the CEO of Air Charter Service?

Justin Bowman

How does Air Charter Service source private jets?

Air Charter Service is a hybrid and sources aircraft through an aircraft management company it owns and third-party charter operators. 

How many airplanes, what types of planes are in Air Charter Service fleet?

It manages around 30 aircraft and uses third party-operators.

How much does Air Charter Service private jet programs cost?

Dynamic pricing membership start at $50,000 while fixed rate jet cards start at 25 hours.

What type of pricing does Air Charter Service offer?

Light jet fixed hourly rates start at $7,650 in the U.S.

What is Air Charter Service's website?

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