Fractional Aircraft Ownership Comparisons by Company

2024 Directory of companies selling fractional jet ownership in North America

Fractional private aircraft ownership provides many of the benefits of full aircraft ownership with few of the hassles. However, figuring out the true cost of flight hours can be tricky.

While you own – or lease – a specific aircraft tail number, you can access your provider’s entire fleet. In fact, you may never fly in your own aircraft.

Like jet cards and memberships, you have a call-out – the minimum lead time you need to reserve your jet.

You also have a fixed hourly rate, so you know how much you will pay in advance.

Primary and extended service areas guide where you can fly and if surcharges or ferry fees apply.

Peak days mean longer lead times to book your flight. Your provider can also shift your departure time.

However, like jet cards, not all fractional ownership plans have guaranteed availability.

You also have to factor in the cost of ownership. The cost of ownership is based on residual value, which is how much your provider pays you to buy back your share.

Private Jet Card Comparisons’ exclusive FRACTIONAL AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP COST CALCULATOR makes it easy.

Fractional provider programs are now integrated into our overall comparisons, meaning you can now compare jet cards and fractional ownership from over 80 providers head-to-head.

Fractional Aircraft Ownership Providers and Aircraft Types Offered

Turboprop Very Light Light Midsize Super Midsize Large Ultra Long Range
Airshare No No Phenom 300 (used) No Challenger 3500 No No
Alliance No No No XLS Gen II No Gulfstream IVSP (used), Global Express (used) No
AirSprint No No CJ2+ (used), CJ3 + Legacy 450 (used), Praetor 500 No No No
Flexjet No No Phenom 300 Legacy 450; Praetor 500 Challenger 3500; Praetor 600 G450 (used) G650; G700
FlyExclusive No No CJ3 XLS Gen II Longitude No No
Jet It (out of business) No HondaJet Phenom 300 (used) No G150 (used) No No
Jet Out No No CJ4 No No No No
Jet Token No HondaJet No No No No No
NetJets No No Phenom 300 XLS, Ascend, Praetor 500 Challenger 350, Latitude, Longitude, Sovereign, Challenger 650 Global 5000; Global 6000; Global 7500; Global 8000
PlaneSense PC-12 No PC-24 No No No No
SkyShare PC-12 (used) No No No No Gulfstream G450 No
Volato No HondaJet No No Gulfstream G280 No No
West Coast Aviation  King Air 350 (used) No No No No No No


Fractional aircraft ownership involves a multiple-year commitment and multiple legal contracts. In addition to subscribing, we recommend you read this article on fractional ownership.

As a paid subscriber, you can compare fractional ownership costs to jet card and membership options.

We also provide you with a curated directory of aviation attorneys specializing in negotiating fractional ownership contracts.

Fractional Ownership Jet Card Providers

Prospair Jet Charter
Rennia Aviation

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