Star Jets International LLC

Star Jets International Executive Overview

Year Founded



New York, NY


Ricky Sitomer


Jet Card Hourly Rates

$7,160 per hour, including FET on light jets

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Star Jets International, LLC, is a New York-based charter and jet card broker founded by industry veteran Ricky Sitomer, who co-founded Blue Star Jets.

In addition to its Skycard private jet membership programs, Star Jets offers a menu of on-demand charter, group private jet travel, aircraft sales, and management services, as well as overall travel consulting and yacht charter services.

It offers guaranteed rates and dynamic pricing-based jet cards. 

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Star Jets International Fast Facts

When was Star Jets International founded?


Who owns Star Jets International?

Star Jets is publicly traded over-the-counter under the symbol JETR

How many customers does Star Jets International have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Star Jets International?

Approximately $20 million in 2022

Who is the CEO of Star Jets International?

Ricky Sitomer

How does Star Jets International source private jets?

Star Jets uses third-party charter operators

How much does Star Jets International private jet programs cost?

Star Jets dynamic pricing jet cards begin at $50,000

What type of pricing does Star Jets International offer?

Star Jets offers fixed-rate and dynamic-pricing jet cards

What is Star Jets International's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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