Busy travel days don’t always mean big surcharges. With the number of peak days at record highs, these programs have premiums of 5% or less

With the average number of Peak Days at 55.7 days as of Q4 2022, there is a higher chance than ever you won’t be able to avoid them, although here’s our list of jet cards with the fewest peak days.

Here, we look at programs that offer both guaranteed pricing and fixed/capped rates on peak or high-demand days, and these providers all offer programs where the surcharge is 5% or less.

In fact, there are a number of programs that have a 0% surcharge.

The most recent addition is FlyExclusive. Its new Jet Club Platinum offers a 0% surcharge on peak and high-demand days.

Others with no surcharge include Jet Linx, Leviate Air Group, Magellan Jets, NetJets, Northern Jet, OneFlight International, Star Jets International, Vault Aviation, and VistaJet.

Jet Cards With The Lowest Peak Day Surcharges

ProviderProgramSurchargePeak Days
FlyExclusiveJet Club Platinum0%45
Jet LinxAll Cards/Memberships0%118
Leviate Air GroupFlyNext0%29
Magellan JetsJet Card0%43
Magellan JetsExplorer1000%43
NetJetsJet Card0%45*
Northern JetFlorida Advantage 0%5
OneFlight InternationalAll Cards/Membership0%44
Star Jets InternationalAll Cards/Memberships0%70
Vault AviationMax Jet Card0%63
Jet The WorldJet Card5%63
Sentient JetJet Card (Light and Midsize)5%30
Stratos Jet ChartersAll Cards/Memberships5%118
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons; *NetJets – 45 Peak Days @ 0% surcharge on 45 peak days and 45 additional blackout days

Jet The World, Sentient Jet (on light and midsize jets), and Stratos Jet Charters limit their surcharge to 5%.

If you are traveling on peak days, here are our tips.

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