Best Jet Card Prices? Here Are Seven Hidden Charges

To figure out what you will pay, there are a number of extra charges that providers don’t always include when they quote you an hourly rate


When visiting a Jet Card seller website or requesting information, for the most part, you will be quoted hourly rates. However, there is more than just the hourly rate. Here are more pricing issues that impact what you will pay and you should ask your sales rep about before buying. Or simply subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons at for $250 you can compare over 250 programs in one place in our easy-to-use spreadsheets. 

Airstream Jets Says It Sold A Jet Card With Cryptocurrency

In the world of private jet charter and Jet Cards where credit cards aren’t always accepted, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may play an important role


As we have previously reported, more and more private charter companies are accepting cryptocurrencies for payment, however, Florida-based Airstream Jets has said its first Jet Card via the new blockchain based way of payments. The Jet Card was sold to the CEO of a new hedge fund for crypto-based investing on February 16th, but not previously disclosed. 

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Recommends Wheels Up To Trump Officials During Her TV Program

With a number of Trump Administration officials under fire for using private jets, the MSNBC host sees a potential pipeline for Wheels Up


Usually when private aviation makes the news channel it’s for alleged misuse, being it CEOs needing two planes at a time (although in the case of GE’s Jeff Immelt, there were certainly times it made sense), sending your artwork out of state in empty boxes to avoid sales tax (Dennis Kozlowski) or some other tawdry reasons. This morning during her hourly broadcast on left-leaning MSNBC the 9 am anchor Stephanie Ruhle entered into a discussion of Trump cabinet members who have been using private aircraft fresh on the news that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has racked up a $1 million tab for private flights. 

JET CARD INSIDER: For Short Flights On Heavy or SuperMid Jets, Flights To Hawaii And Alaska, ProspAir’s Jet Card Is Worth A Look

ProspAir may be new to Jet Cards, but its sourcing and programs provide wide options and attractive policies


ProspAir’s entry into the Jet Card market in November 2016 represents that these programs have become the sweet spot of private aviation with the number of providers having more than doubled in the past 10 years. The business is an offshoot of The Dumont Group, which was founded in 2013 by financier Kevin Wargo and Dan Piraino, an airline pilot with more than 14,000 flight hours. It started with one plane and a parts business, which has grown into a multi-pronged private aviation provider with bases in Texas, Illinois and Delaware, the headquarters. ProspAir’s birth came about when Christopher Tasca joined from another card seller. The Jet Card programs are designed to feed traffic into the 30+ aircraft The Dumont Group has under management. Its fleet is expected to grow significantly through both ownership and management. 

XOJET, Star Jets International Make Executive Appointments

The two Jet Card sellers announced senior-level promotions and additions to their respective teams


XOJET and Star Jets International are bolstering their C-Suites with promotions and additions to their executive teams. The news comes after XOJET announced it had hired Perella Weinberg to advise it on strategic options and while Star Jets makes its transition to a publicly traded entity.

Flight Delay Data Shows Why Private Jets Are A Critical Tool For Business

New delay data on major U.S. airports shows how private jets are an important business tool when traveling to or from big cities, accessing alternative airports that serve business aviation flights


New airport delay data from AirHelp shows that if you are coming or going to the big city and you absolutely have to be there and are traveling on a tight schedule, flying by commercial airlines is akin to playing Russian Roulette. The summary of the worst U.S. airport delays isn’t pretty. In the top 10, if you are traveling to or from Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and Chicago, plan on your flight being delayed about 20% of the time. Even worse, as each city is a major hub for airline connections, even if you were only planning to transit those airports, you are likely to arrive at your destination late, according to AirHelp. 

Magellan Jets Sets VIP Packages For The Masters

The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia is one of the most popular private jet events of the year. Magellan Jets is offering private jet inclusive VIP packages for the weekend


Through a collaboration with In the Know Experiences, Magellan Jets is offering fixed pricing from select cities throughout the U.S. for the 2018 Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  The roundtrip full aircraft prices listed below are starting points for a flight with two tickets for the gold included, but can increase as you go up in category or need additional tickets. Flight only prices are also available. Pricing is available from your specific airport on request.