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Choosing the wrong Jet Card or Private Jet Membership Program can easily cost you over $25,000 in unnecessary fees and surcharges

From charter, Jet Cards, Fractional Ownership, Empty Legs, Shared Flights – Find the right solution for your private flying needs fast.

Private Jet Card Comparisons saves you dozens of hours of research helping you find the programs that best match your needs, saving money, and increasing your satisfaction. And now included, our JET CARD DECIDER tool enables you to request a custom analysis from your smartphone.

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40,000+ Data Points, 50+ Companies, 250+ Programs, 65+ Variables

We’ve gathered and constantly update over 40,000 data points on jet cards and private jet memberships, so you don’t have to. With our easy-to-filter Excel spreadsheet, compare over 50 companies and more than 250 programs by 65+ variables in minutes to find the best fit for your flying patterns.

Plus details that matter including:

Insurance WiFi Pets Policies Service Recovery Initiation Fees CPI Escalators Annual and Monthly Dues Fuel Surcharges De-icing Taxi Time Peak Day Charges Segment Daily Minimums Roundtrip Discounts Carbon Offsets By-the-Seat Empty Leg Discounts Crypto Acceptance + Even More
Aircraft and operator sourcing standards, and pilot experience
Purchase price, hourly rates, and pricing methodology
Ownership, company history, headcount, refund options, and escrow account options
Lead time for reservations, cancellations, applicable aircraft, seating capacity, and service area
Aircraft Type
Search by cabin category or specific aircraft type, including ability to upgrade or downgrade

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40,000+ Data Points, 50+ Companies, 250+ Programs, 65+ Variables
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