These Jet Cards have the fewest peak days

If you aren’t flexible to avoid peak days, these providers only have 5 to 45 peak days in their jet card programs.

By Doug Gollan, March 23, 2023

If you aren’t flexible to avoid peak days, these providers only have 5 to 45 peak days in their jet card programs

Recently we wrote about Jet Card Peak Days: Here’s what you need to know. In this update, we look at the most current data to show you which providers and specific programs have the fewest peak days.

The average number of high-demand days stabilized during 2022, settling in Q4 at 55.7 peak days.

While a few companies have blackout dates, where customers cannot book at all, the biggest impact of peak days is longer booking and cancelation windows, surcharges, and the ability for the provider to shift your departure time by as much as +/- 8 hours.

So while Q4 2022 was only a slight increase over 53.7 days at the end of Q3, it is still 144% more than the pre-Covid average of 22.8 days in Q4 2019.

The good news is if you aren’t flexible to avoid them, there are still a number of choices.

Northern Jet, which offers its Florida Private Advantage Card between the Midwest and Sunshine State, has just five peak days.

VistaJet, which offers a global footprint, only has 20 high-demand days for its flagship Program jet card, which requires at least 50 hours of flying per year.

By the same token, Wheels Up offers Core members who deposit $200,000 or $400,000 only 20 peak days for flights within the Continental U.S. and select Canadian and Bahamas airports.

Core members have access to five categories of aircraft, from large cabin jets to its King Air turboprops.

Jet Cards with Fewest Peak Days

CompanyProgramPeak Days
Northern JetFlorida Private Advantage Card5
VistaJetThe Program20
Wheels UpCore 200, Core 40020
Leviate Air GroupFlyNEXT29
Nicholas AirRise, Blue29
Sentient JetPrivate Jet Card30
Jet Token Membership31
Airstream JetsDistance Card34
Wheels UpCore 10040
Air Charter ServicePlatinum, Gold41
Magellan JetsJet Card, Explorer 10043
OneFlight InternationalBAJIT, Jet Card44
FlyExclusiveJet Club, Jet Club Platinum45
ManifestPremium, Elite45
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons

Nicholas Air, via its Rise and Blue cards, only has 29 high-demand days, while Sentient Jet, inventor of the jet card, has 30, although on high-demand days (when it has over 200 flight hours booked), it can put a hold on additional reservations.

Las Vegas-based Jet Token has just 31 peak days for its HondaJet and midsize offerings.

Airstream Jets, which charges fixed rates by mileage instead of minutes, has 34 peak days.

VistaJet’s VJ25 program, for flyers who only need 25 hours per year, has 40 peak days. Same for Wheels Up Core members who deposit $100,000.

Air Charter Service has two programs, both with 41 peak days, while Magellan Jets jet cards and Explorer100 memberships have 43 peak days.

FlyExclusive has 45 peak days for both its Jet Club and Jet Club Platinum programs. The latter has no peak day surcharge if you book 10 days in advance.

Start-up Manifest also has 45 peak days.

All of the programs and providers in this list included both fixed/capped hourly rates and guaranteed availability.

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