West Coast Aviation Services

West Coast Aviation Services Executive Overview

Year Founded



Santa Ana, CA


Gary Standel


Chris Dahlen

Chief Pilot

Jeff Standel

Director of Operations

Danielle Vander Kallen


Laura Trenerry

VP, Flight Operations

Jon Eruren

Director, Sales & Acquisitions

Ivan Dodson

Director, Client Relations

Jet Card Hourly Rates

West Coast Aviation fractional hourly rates start at $2,895 per hour, plus FET

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West Coast Aviation Services is a Santa Ana, California-based private aircraft management and charter company.

It offers fractional ownership in pre-owned King Air 350s.

Its primary service area is within 900 nautical miles of John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA).

Part 135 flights on the King Air 350 operated by West Coast Charters, FAA Air Carrier Certificate #GSPA467E.

Part 135 flights on the Challenger 604, Falcon 2000EX, Global Express, and G550 operated by West Coast Worldwide, FAA Air Carrier Certificate #DCUA716B.

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West Coast Aviation Services Fast Facts

When was West Coast Aviation Services founded?


How many customers does West Coast Aviation Services have?

The company is privately held.

What are the annual revenues for West Coast Aviation Services?

West Coast Aircraft Services is privately held.

Who is the CEO of West Coast Aviation Services?

Gary Standel

How does West Coast Aviation Services source private jets?

Flights are sourced from its ractional and managed fleet.

How many airplanes, what types of planes are in West Coast Aviation Services fleet?

Managed and fractional fleet.

How much does West Coast Aviation Services private jet programs cost?

Fractional owners buy 1/8th or 1/4 shares.

What type of pricing does West Coast Aviation Services offer?

West Coast Aviation offers fixed-hourly rates within 900 nautical miles of SNA starting a $2,895 per hour on a King Air 350 via fractional ownership

What is West Coast Aviation Services's website?

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