Chapman Freeborn

Chapman Freeborn Executive Overview

Year Founded



Gatwick, England


Eric Erbacher


Reto Hunziker

President, Europe

David McCown

President, Americas

Sharon Vaz-Arab

President, IMEA

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Chapman Freeborn uses dynamic pricing

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Avia Solutions Group

Chapman Freeborn is a U.K.-based broker specializing in cargo, group, and passenger charter.

It was founded in 1973.

In 2019, it was purchased by Avia Solutions Group.

Avia is the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider, with a fleet of 173 aircraft.

The group also provides a range of aviation services, including MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul), pilot and crew training, ground handling, as well as a variety of associated services.

Avia operates in 68 countries worldwide with over 11,500 employees.

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Chapman Freeborn Fast Facts

When was Chapman Freeborn founded?


Who owns Chapman Freeborn?

Avia Solutions Group

How many customers does Chapman Freeborn have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Chapman Freeborn?

Its parent company, Avia Solutions Group, had $1.17 billion in revenues in 2022

Who is the CEO of Chapman Freeborn?

Erich Ehrbacher is CEO of Chapman Freeborn

How does Chapman Freeborn source private jets?

Chapman Freeborn is a broker. It sources aircraft via approved third-party operators

How much does Chapman Freeborn private jet programs cost?

Chapman Freeborn’s membership requires a refundable $100,000 deposit.

What type of pricing does Chapman Freeborn offer?

Chapman Freeborn’s Membership uses dynamic pricing.

What is Chapman Freeborn's website?

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