Clay Lacy Aviation

Clay Lacy Aviation Executive Overview

Year Founded



Los Angeles, CA


Brian Kirkdoffer

President and CEO

Clay Lacy


Bradford Wright

Chief Financial Officer

David G. Lamb

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Cutshall

Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Chris Hand

Senior Vice President, Northeast Region

Veriar Collins-Jenkins

Vice President, Charter and Managed Services

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Roundtrip hourly rates on a Phenom 300 from $3,450, excluding FET and positioning charges

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Aircraft Management, Maintenance, FBOs, On-demand charter, Empty legs

Clay Lacy Aviation is a full-service aircraft charter, management, support, and sales organization based in Los Angeles.

It offers an as-available jet card program.

Additionally, it offers maintenance and operates several FBOs.

Clay Lacy, a noted commercial and military pilot and aerial cinematographer, founded the company in 1968.

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Clay Lacy Aviation Fast Facts

When was Clay Lacy Aviation founded?


Who owns Clay Lacy Aviation?

Privately held

How many customers does Clay Lacy Aviation have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Clay Lacy Aviation?

Not disclosed

Who is the CEO of Clay Lacy Aviation?

Brian Kirkdoffer

How does Clay Lacy Aviation source private jets?

Aircraft it manages for owners.

How much does Clay Lacy Aviation private jet programs cost?

Clay Lacy Preferred requires a $100,000 deposit.

What type of pricing does Clay Lacy Aviation offer?

There are fixed hourly rates by tail number based on roundtrip pricing.

What is Clay Lacy Aviation's website?

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