365 Aviation

365 Aviation Executive Overview

Year Founded



London, England


Colin Baker

Executive Chairman

Chris Tofts


Simon Gibson

Business Development Manager

Polina Popkova

Head of Charter

Jet Card Hourly Rates

European hourly prices from 4,400 euros on a Citation CJ2

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U.K.-based charter broker 365 Aviation was founded in 2011.

The boutique flight provider offers fixed-rate jet light and midsize jet cards with a primary European service area as well as on-demand charters worldwide. 

Customers pay a base rate and also for preferred call-outs, cancelation terms, and deicing insurance.

Its 365 Bespoke Jet Card was launched in 2022.

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365 Aviation Fast Facts

When was 365 Aviation founded?


Who owns 365 Aviation?

It is privately held. Colin Baker is the controlling shareholder.

How many customers does 365 Aviation have?

Its jet card program is small with under 25 customers.

What are the annual revenues for 365 Aviation?

Around GPB 15 million, according to filings.

Who is the CEO of 365 Aviation?

Colin Baker is Executive Chairman, and Chris Tofts is CEO.

How does 365 Aviation source private jets?

365 Aviation is a broker using third-party operators.

How much does 365 Aviation private jet programs cost?

Its jet card starts at 25 hours.

What type of pricing does 365 Aviation offer?

365 Aviation offers fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet cards and on-demand charters using dynamic pricing. 

What is 365 Aviation's website?

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