365 Aviation keeps fixed-rate, guaranteed jet card on hiatus

To jet card, or not to jet card. London-based 365 Aviation is navigating the divide with customized programs.

By Doug Gollan, November 13, 2023

Another sign of instability in the private jet charter market comes from London-based 365 Aviation.

Still, it may be good news for the jet card and other programmatic buyers wanting more customized solutions.

After planning to restart its fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card this Fall, Business Development Manager Simon Gibson tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the broker has decided to stick to its roots of offering bespoke solutions.

The jet card remains on the 365 Aviation website, and Gibson says the company has not ruled out restarting it.

Instead, he says, it continues to work with specific operators to develop guaranteed products that are client-specific based on specific route needs.

For example, he says they were recently able to help a prospect from the Czech Republic create a 50-hour guaranteed rate program with a specific operator.

Of its jet card, Gibson says, “The reality is it’s not the right solution right now.”

He believes that the best way to go is creating made-to-measure guaranteed programs or servicing clients on-demand, on a trip-by-trip basis.

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