DashJet folded into Exec 1 Aviation

By Doug Gollan, August 1, 2019

The light jet operator has decided to continue its jet card business under a single brand

Exec 1 Aviation, which just last year launched DashJet as a brokerage arm, has now folded it under the mother brand. The move, which took place in March was driven by litigation threats from a major aviation company that was using the Dash brand for cargo, as well as a branding decision.

“Everything that DashJet was doing now exists under Exec 1 Aviation,” says Katherine Forst, director of customer engagement.

She says after being receiving a legal notice about the use of the Dash name and logo, the company decided, “We didn’t want to spend our resources on a legal battle with a big company.”

Exec 1 Aviation already well known

Exec 1 Aviation, she says, is already well known in the industry and provides flights for a variety of jet card brokers. It also had also developed a strong local clientele near its Ankeny, Iowa base, hence the decision to launch a jet card brand.

She says as the company considered what to do, it decided to focus on Exec 1, which already had a 10-year history with Google search.

“In terms of mission and service, nothing has changed. We have built a reputation for great service,” says Forst.

So far the company has about a dozen jet card customers and while most are in the Midwest, it has one customer from Florida.

In addition to offering light, midsize, super-midsize, and large-cabin jet cards, Exec 1 will continue to offer a custom jet card based on buyer’s specific travel patterns. Exec 1 operates a fleet of six Beechjet 400s.

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