PrivateFly expands fixed-rate, route-based pricing in Europe

By Doug Gollan, April 29, 2019

After testing fixed-rate, route-based pricing between London and Geneva, the on-demand charter broker is expanding its whole private jet offerings for the summer

PrivateFly is offering fixed by the flight private jet charter pricing for key European city pairs this summer, on specified routes to and from London, Paris, Nice, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Palma, and Ibiza. The flights are on the Nextant 400XTi light jet. During the winter it had tested the concept between London and Geneva appealing to the U.K. ski market headed to Switzerland.

The company says it has secured exclusive fixed pricing and priority access to a fleet of Nextant 400XTi aircraft with one-way rates. Like a jet card, you know what you will pay in advance. In this case, it’s even more precise as the rates are route based so you don’t have to calculate hourly rates and travel time.

PrivateFly has expanded its fixed-rate private jet charter program for the summer.

PrivateFly said its special prices which start at €4,500 represent a 30% discount on average on-demand charter market pricing for this or equivalent aircraft models.

It added, “And while peak summer demand and lower aircraft availability can see private jet charter prices soar, these rates are guaranteed not to change – and are available exclusively from PrivateFly.”

Price is each way for whole aircraft charter up to six passengers. The Nextant 400XTi offers four club seats and a divan sofa that seats two. You can choose your own departure date and through the end of September subject to aircraft and airport availability.

Add extra useful time to your European vacation

With luxury hotel rates in European capitals often exceeding €1,000 per night, the PrivateFly one-way rates work out to as little as €750 per person. What’s more, flying privately for the European flights, which are typically between one to two hours, can essentially add two days of vacation time to trips by eliminating time spent at airports.

Nextant 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi features seating for six passengers, including four club seats and a diva sofa seating two.

Available London airports include Luton, Farnborough, Biggin Hill, Stansted, and Southend. Price includes all airport handling and landing fees; standard drinks and catering. For flights in or out of Italy, you need to add an additional Italian luxury tax of €100 per person, each way.

Fixed one-way European private jet rates

Route Price
London & Paris Le Bourget


London & Geneva


London & Nice Cote d’Azur


London & Milan Malpensa

London & Ibiza


London & Palma


Paris Le Bourget & Geneva


Paris Le Bourget & Nice Cote d’Azur


Paris Le Bourget & Milan Malpensa


Milan Malpensa & Rome Ciampino


Earlier this month, Directional Aviation, which includes Flexjet, Sentient Jet, Nextant Aerospace, and PrivateFly announced it was merging its Skyjet brand along with its pay-as-you-go Sky Explorer jet card into PrivateFly.

Directional Aviation’s European expansion

Directional acquired PrivateFly in September 2018. Industry reports say that Flexjet is planning to expand in Europe. Both Sentient Jet and Flexjet offer U.S. customers fixed rates for travel within Europe.

While by-the-seat concepts in Europe have had limited success with both Surf Air and JetSmarter retreating, the fixed-rates by the route make it easier for friends to perhaps split a trip without having to go through the process of getting on-demand charter quotes.

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