If you are headed to Europe this summer, these U.S. programs offer fixed hourly rates with guaranteed availability on both sides of the Atlantic

Airlines in Europe are having problems. Short of staff, they are canceling flights. British Airways has been short-handed, so they haven’t been able to load luggage on some flights. Flying private – what a great idea!

Even better, some jet card and fractional ownership programs for U.S. flyers also offer fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availability in Europe.

U.S. jet card and fractional programs with European fixed-rates

Each of the above programs offers U.S. program members the ability to use funds for flights in Europe.

Flexjet is only renewing jet cards, although it is selling shares and leases. NetJets, in the U.S., is currently only selling leases and shares.

The countries and charges to use the funds vary, so check Columns AJ, AK, and CD on the Program Details tab of the Jet Card Comparison workbook.

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