365 Aviation launches European jet card

By Doug Gollan, May 2, 2022

365 Aviation’s new jet card offers customers the opportunity to customize call-out, cancelation terms, and deicing expense

London-based boutique private jet charter broker 365 Aviation is jumping into the jet card market with a unique approach.

“The launch of our new bespoke jet card marks the beginning of another chapter in the successful history of the company. Founded in 2011, we have always taken great pride in the immaculate service that we provide to our clients. I am delighted that we can offer the guarantees provided by a fixed-rate card while still maintaining the flexibility to expertly tailor the program to each client’s exact needs. This enables us to provide them with the most cost-effective solution based on their historical flight patterns, without sacrificing any of the standards of service that our clients have come to expect,” CEO Chris Tofts tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

The company’s first fixed-rate product – 365 Bespoke Jet Card – has many traditional features, but a few key differences.

While 365 Aviation is a broker, instead of using a variety of operators, each client is matched to a specific operator for their flights.

It is launching by offering Citation CJ2 and Citation XLS programs.

Customized Jet Cards

While there is a base rate for each type, clients can customize their jet card by paying an extra 500 Euros per hour for various features:

  • 72-hour non-peak call-out instead of 168 hours
  • Preferred cancelation terms instead of the standard 72 hours
  • Deicing insurance

Adding all three would increase the hourly rate by 1,500 Euros per hour.

365 Aviation Business Development Manager Simon Gibson says, “If you fly primarily in the summer why pay for someone else’s de-icing if you always plan in advance why pay for repositioning, and if you rarely cancel why pay cancellation fees?”

Customers buy 25 hours at a fixed rate. However, they can deposit additional on-demand funds. In this case, 365 Aviation will see if it can beat fixed rate prices or find alternative solutions such as empty legs.

The customer then has the option to use the fixed rate or take the lower price with on-demand terms.

Fixed-rate service areas is the European Economic Area with the UK, Switzerland, and Norway.

Gibson says the shop isn’t looking for hundreds of clients, with a target of a few dozen.

The 365 Bespoke Jet Card is part of Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 250 private jet membership programs.

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