Flexjet restarts European jet card

Europe has another jet card option after Flexjet restarted its Praetor 600 super-midsize program, starting at 25 hours.

By Doug Gollan, March 15, 2024

After restarting its U.S. jet card last year, Flexjet is doing the same in Europe.

It stopped selling jet cards on both sides of the Atlantic during the Covid-induced surge in private jet demand and focused on fractional sales.

The new European product is on the company’s Praetor 600 and starts at 25 hours.

The guaranteed availability of the jet card is a 24-hour non-peak callout with a minimum of 60 minutes daily.

There are 10 blackout dates and 25 more peak days where availability is not guaranteed.

However, there are no premiums for summer flights.

The validity is 12 months.

Unused funds can be rolled into a new card.

U.S. jet cards were restarted last June.

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