Flexjet details European fractional expansion plans

By Doug Gollan, May 23, 2022

Flexjet’s European fleet could triple in the next several years, says International Managing Director Marine Eugene

After outlining the imminent additions of more Embraer Praetor 600s and now the Gulfstream G650 to is European fleet, Directional Aviation’s Flexjet see more growth opportunities.

The current spurt will bring the Flexjet Europe fleet to 12 jets after just 18 months, says Marine Eugene, International Managing Director.

Flexjet International Managing Director Marine Eugene meets with Embraer Executive Jets CEO Michael Amalfitano during EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland.

She says there are no current plans to add a third type of aircraft here.

Earlier this year Flexjet withdrew its European jet card program to focus on fractional ownership.

Eugene says it is currently only selling four shares in its European G650 program to ensure reliability during this high-demand period.

The company is also limiting demo flights.

“Flexjet Red Label is about a very high level of service. We are not looking to have a hundred airplanes in Europe,” she says.

However, the Europe fractional flight is likely to “double or triple” in the coming years, she adds.

At the same time, its jet card and on-demand charter broker PrivateFly upscaled its offering.

“The entry-light light jet market is not very attractive. It’s cutthroat and it’s a market we have chosen to avoid,” she says.

Separately, Directional’s Italian management company Sirio now has 12 aircraft in its fleet.

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