European charter operator ElitAvia has launched a jet card providing carbon offsets inclusive of the hourly rate

Private jet management and charter operator ElitAvia has launched its first jet card under the ElitAvia Green Card banner.

The new program offers carbon-neutral flights with offset expenses built into your hourly rate.

Calculations estimate each aircraft type’s average CO2 emissions generated per flight hour. Then, carbon offset credits are purchased, and investments are made in certified projects worldwide.

The primary service area covers Europe and extends to North Africa and the Middle East.

There is guaranteed availability on very light jets, light jets, midsize aircraft, and super-midsize types with fixed-hourly rates.

It is both on-and-off-fleet.

“The ElitAvia Green Card responds directly to the needs and values of today’s private aviation charter client,” says CEO Michel Coulomb.

He adds, “All flights are certified carbon-neutral, which is now a baseline requirement for a growing number of travelers. Plus, the convenience, transparency, and cost-efficiency of the jet card model are well-established.”

The non-peak callout is 72 hours.

One of Europe’s largest mixed fleet business aircraft operators, ElitAvia is a fully-integrated provider of business aircraft sales, leasing, charter, aircraft management, and related services.

Headquartered in Luqa, Malta, and with executive offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the operator holds AOCs in both countries.

At present, ElitAvia manages a mixed fleet of 25 business and cargo aircraft for charter and private use.

The program is now part of Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 250 jet card options available for paid subscribers.

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