Wheels Up Experience

Wheels Up Experience Executive Overview

Year Founded



Atlanta, Georgia


Adam Zirkin

Executive Chairman

George Mattson


Dave Holtz

Chairman, Operations

Todd Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Harvey

Chief Commercial Officer

Kristen Lauria

Chief Customer & Marketing Officer

Laura Heltebran

Chief Legal Officer

Mark Briffa

EVP & Chief Commercial Officer

David Godsman

Chief Digital Officer

Jet Card Hourly Rates

King Air 350i from $5,995, plus FET and Fuel Surcharge

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Wheels Up Experience was founded in 2013 by Kenny Dichter and veterans of Marquis Jet Partners.

It was based in New York City until it moved its headquarters to Atlanta in 2024.

Following a SPAC merger with Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle in July 2021, Wheels Up is a pure-play publicly traded private jet operator and broker.

It trades on the NYSE under the symbol UP.

Wheels Up Experience Inc. is the new name of Wheels Up Partners Holdings LLC following its merger with Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Corp in July 2021, making it a public company.

It continues to be known as Wheels Up.

In 2022, it was the third largest charter/fractional operator in the U.S., behind NetJets and Flexjet.

In a 20-month span through January 2021, it acquired TMC Jets, tech platform Avianis, Delta Private Jets, Gama Aviation Signature, and Mountain Aviation. In February 2022, it acquired Alanate Air Charter, adding 12 light jets.

The acquisition of Delta Private Jets made Delta Air Lines the largest shareholder in the company. (Review private jet fractional and membership company M&A activity with our PRIVATE AVIATION DEAL BOOK.)

Following Wheels Up’s IPO, Delta Air Lines remains the largest shareholder.

Wheels Up offers various membership options across its fleet of King Air 350i turboprops, Citation Excel/XLS, and Citation X jets and off-fleet partners.

It is a leader in jet sharing with flights by the seat and split between members.

In November 2021, it retooled its membership program, increasing rates, minimums, and call-outs but maintaining the number of peak days.

It was revised again, effective June 2022.

Its changes, announced on Nov. 1, 2022, go into effect on Dec. 1, 2022.

It has a wide variety of partnerships, including the NFL Players Association, Porsche, American ExpressCostco, Landry’s, Waldorf Astoria, and Inspirato.

It said it would launch a helicopter service via a partnership with Textron Bell in 2021. No further announcements have been made. 

In May 2023, it announced a new reduced service area designed to cut losses.

In August 2023, it announced a $500 million Delta-led investment package following mounting losses, decreasing cash, and bankruptcy rumors.

The deal closed in September 2023.

At the same time, CFO Todd Smith was named Interim-CEO, replacing Dichter.

In August 2023, Delta named its CFO Dan Janki, Chairman of Wheels Up. In September 2023, Delta Board member George Mattson was named CEO, with Smith returning to his CFO role and Dichter exiting the board.


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Wheels Up Owned/Leased Fleet (June 2024)

Aircraft Aircraft Size Number in Fleet
Beechcraft King Air 350 Turboprop 59
Cessna Citation CJ3 Light 19
Beechcraft Hawker 400XP Light 35
Cessna Citation XLS Midsize 18
Cessna Citation X Super Midsize 43
Gulfstream G450 Large 1

Wheels Up Experience Fast Facts

When was Wheels Up Experience founded?


Who owns Wheels Up Experience?

Wheels Up is publicly traded under the symbol UP. Delta Air Lines, Certares, which owns Internova, one of the nation’s largest luxury and corporate travel agencies, restructuring specialist Knighthead, and Cox Enterprises control 95% as of Sept. 2023.

How many customers does Wheels Up Experience have?

Wheels Up has 12,000 members as of May 2023.

What are the annual revenues for Wheels Up Experience?

Wheels Up had $1.55 billion in revenues in 2022.

Who is the CEO of Wheels Up Experience?

George Mattson

How does Wheels Up Experience source private jets?

Wheels Up uses its fleet of owned and leased aircraft and third-party charter operators. In Oct. 2023, it sold its managed fleet to Airshare.

How much does Wheels Up Experience private jet programs cost?

Wheels Up Membership is $8,500 per year, plus a $100,000 fund deposit.

What type of pricing does Wheels Up Experience offer?

Wheels Up offers capped hourly rates and dynamic pricing.

What is Wheels Up Experience's website?

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