Beechcraft Hawker 400XP

Beechcraft Hawker 400XP profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, and jet card options.

The Beechcraft Hawker 400XP is part of a lineage of light jets that began with the Mitsubishi Diamond. This Japanese-designed twin-engine jet was produced under license by Beechcraft Corporation as the Beechjet 400 in the 1980s. Its durability is demonstrated by Nextant Aerospace’s selection of the type as the platform for its remanufactured Nextant 400XTi.

The Hawker 400XP is still a popular jet on the charter market. It is a core part of the Wheels Up light jet fleet via its acquisition of TMC Jets in 2019. It is the only type in the floating fleet of Exec 1 Aviation.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start:


Production Ends:


Cabin Category

Light Cabin

Cabin Size & Passengers


4.75 Feet


4.92 Feet


15.5 Feet

Seating Capacity

Up to 8


1,180 nautical miles


High-Speed Cruise:

Mach 450

Long-Range Cruise:

Mach 410

Max Operating Speed:

Mach 450

Baggage Space

31 cubic feet


Fractional Ownership:


Dedicated Jet Card:



A new Beechcraft Hawker 400XP is listed at $8 million

What is the Beechcraft Hawker 400XP?

The Hawker 400XP is part of a lineage of light business jets that began with the Mitsubishi Diamond. This Japanese-designed twin-engine jet was produced under license by Beechcraft Corporation as the Beechjet 400 in the 1980s.

Beechcraft later renamed the Beechjet the Hawker 400 to reflect its association with the Hawker line of aircraft, which Beechcraft acquired in the 1990s.

The original Hawker 400 was first introduced in 1990, featuring a cabin that could accommodate up to 8 passengers and a range of up to 1,460 nautical miles (1,682 miles).

In 2003, Beechcraft introduced an upgraded version of the Hawker 400 called the Hawker 400XP.

The 400XP featured several enhancements and improvements over its predecessor, including increased range, a redesigned cabin with enhanced soundproofing and entertainment systems, and upgraded avionics and systems.

The 400XP was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5R turbofan engines, which provided a more reliable and efficient performance.

In 2006, Raytheon Aircraft Company, the parent company of Hawker Beechcraft, was acquired by a private equity consortium and renamed Hawker Beechcraft Corporation.

The Hawker 400XP continued to be produced under the new ownership, and the company later rebranded it as the Beechcraft 400XP.

Production of the Beechcraft 400XP continued until 2013, when Hawker Beechcraft Corporation filed for bankruptcy, and the aircraft was no longer in production.

The Beechcraft Premier IA succeeded the 400XP in Beechcraft’s product line, which offered similar performance capabilities and features.

The legacy of the Hawker 400 and 400XP lives on in the Beechcraft Premier IA and the various aircraft in the Hawker family of business jets.

What are the cabin dimensions of the Beechcraft Hawker 400XP?

The cabin has a height of 4.75 feet, a width of 4.92 feet, and a length of 15.5 feet. Typical configurations are six to eight seats. There is a fully enclosed lavatory in the rear.

What is the range of a Beechcraft Hawker 400XP?

The range of the Hawker 400XP is approximately 1,400 nautical miles (2,590 kilometers) with four passengers and two crew members on board, flying at a high-speed cruise of 430 knots (796 kilometers per hour) and an altitude of 41,000 feet (12,497 meters).

How much does a Beechcraft Hawker 400XP cost?

When in production, the Hawker 400XP sold for around $7.8 million. Used versions start at under $2 million.

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Beechcraft Hawker 400XP reviews

As a light jet, the Hawker 400XP is perfect for short or mid-range missions, as it combines speed and a spacious cabin. Considered one of the fastest light business jets on the market, the Hawker 400XP features an innovative design and superior technology that are sure to impress both passengers and pilots.

Anthony Tivnan

Magellan Jets

Those flying in the Hawker 400XP are usually surprised at how spacious the cabin is. As with every portion of this jet, the attention to detail in its design is apparent. The cabin has a flat floor and an oval shape, maximizing the amount of usable space. The 305 cubic-foot cabin is generally configured for seven passengers, with seats that can swivel 180 degrees. Fold-out work tables come standard in the club section. Amenities include a fully enclosed lavatory and a modest refreshment cabinet. A total of 56.4 cubic feet of baggage space is available between internal and external storage compartments.

Kevin O'Leary

Jet Advisors

You don’t find many airplanes that still count among best in class after four decades in the marketplace. However, the seemingly ubiquitous Beechjet certainly qualifies. Overbuilt to stringent certification standards typically reserved for larger aircraft, it treats passengers to a cleverly designed and roomy cabin while having the durability to withstand ham-handed Air Force student pilots and merciless fractional operators who log more than 1,400 hours annually on some airplanes.

Mark Huber

Business Jet Traveler

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