NetJets/Marquis Jet: Columbus-based NetJets, a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, was founded in 1986. Owner and private aviation pioneer Richard Santulli created the concept of fractional ownership just prior to NetJet’s formal founding, and the company’s offerings now include private travel solutions from fractional ownership to leasing to the Marquis Jet Card.

NetJets Elevator Pitch

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By Pat Gallagher, Executive Vice President, NetJets

NetJets Inc. is the worldwide leader in private aviation with the largest and most diverse private jet fleet in the world. Established in 1964 as the world’s first private jet charter and management company, NetJets has been on the forefront of consumer trends and innovation since its inception.

In 1986, the company pioneered the sharing economy with the concept of fractional aircraft ownership—inspiring future businesses like Uber. Today, NetJets is positioned for continued growth, offering a full range of private aviation solutions that serve the needs of high net worth individuals and businesses. Those services include: fractional share ownership, leasing, and jet cards through businesses bearing the NetJets®, Executive Jet Management®, and Marquis Jet Card® service brands in North America and Europe.

Influenced by the wisdom of Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets doesn’t view innovation as a single, massive initiative. Instead, the company seeks intentional, incremental innovation designed for long-term growth, and not short-term wins. That’s how NetJets has been able to scale from one aircraft to more than 700 in its fleet without its Owners sacrificing nimble service. While other private airlines have come and gone, this approach has allowed NetJets to remain the preeminent private aviation solution for more than 50 years.

But NetJets isn’t a solution for all travelers. While other companies seek to democratize private aviation, NetJets is in a category all its own. With an unyielding focus on safety and service, NetJets charges a premium worthy of the investment. The company can scale its business without sacrificing operational excellence, and it has an exemplary safety record—not by chance, but by design. Recommended by Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list celebrities, and world-class athletes, NetJets’ service meets and exceeds the incredible needs and high standards of the world’s most notable travelers—all of whom depend on NetJets to make the impossible, possible.

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When was NetJets founded?




Who owns NetJets?


NetJets is a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway. Famed investor Warren Buffett is the CEO of the parent company.


Who is the CEO of NetJets?


Adam Johnson


Where is NetJets headquarters?


Columbus, OH


How many employees does NetJets have?


NetJets has over 6,000 employees. Parent Berkshire Hathaway has over 300,000 employees and also owns companies such as GEICO Auto Insurance and Fruit of the Loom Companies.


What is the service area for NetJets?


U.S. and Europe


Does the Marquis Jet card provide Guaranteed Availability?


Yes, with some exceptions


What is the minimum lead-time for making a reservation with NetJets’ Marquis Jet card?


12 hours


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