Top Charter/Fractional Private Jet Operators

Private jet charter and fractional operators ranked by flight hours

What’s included in our analysis of private jet company flight hours?

We use this analysis to combine operators under their corporate parents, which is becoming more important with the industry’s M&A activity.

As noted, that means adding Part 135 and Part 91k fractional flight hour data provided from separate operators owned by the same parent, for example, NetJets, NetJets Europe flights to North America, and Executive Jet Management.

Aircraft arrival and departure information is included on all IFR flights in the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and the Caribbean. That means flights from Vista’s Air Hamburg and VistaJet’s Malta AOC in the North American region are added to the total, and the same for other operators. They are noted at the bottom of the chart below.

Lastly, it’s important to understand the limits in tracking for aircraft flying under Part 135.

It’s also important to note that 135 operations are aircraft-specific. That means some of the flight hours tracked under these aircraft could be for Part 91 flying.

That’s because an aircraft owner, when using their private jet, flies under Part 91. When it’s used for charter flights, it flies under the Part 135 rules.

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