Argus Traqpak Monthly Private Jet Flight Activity

Argus International is best known for its safety ratings of private jet operators. 

Its Platinum and Gold ratings adorn thousands of operator and broker websites.

However, it also provides valuable data about flight volume from specific operators and industry trends.

Argus TraqPak flight-tracking software and its robust database provide information necessary to numerous types of aviation businesses via various subscription options.

We publish the Argus TraqPak forecast for the next month and an analysis of volume for the previous month.

The analysis breaks out private aviation operations by:

  • Part 135 (on-demand charter and jet cards),
  • Part 91K (fractional ownership), and
  • Part 91 (non-commercial use by the aircraft owner)

Additionally, it breaks out traffic for each aircraft category by:

  • Turboprops,
  • Light jets (including very light jets),
  • Midsize (including super midsize jets) and
  • Large cabin aircraft (including ultra-long-haul jets)

Monthly Business Aviation Forecast

Argus TraqPak's monthly recap and forecast

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