What are the busiest days of the week and dates for private jet travel?

Argus TrakPak reveals the busiest days of the week and busiest and slowest dates for private jet flights.

According to the researcher, the first half of 2022 saw 102 days with 10,000 or more flights compared to 27 days in 2021, 2 days in 2020, and 32 days in 2019.

Seven of the top 10 days were Thursdays.

The busiest date with 12,867 flights was April 14, followed by Feb. 18 with 12,777.

April and May saw the most of the 10 busiest days with four each.

All of the 10 days with the fewest private jet flights occurred on weekends or holidays when business travel is normally at its lowest levels.

Jan. 29 had the least private jet flights of the year with 6,042.

Four of the five days with the least private jet flights this year were in January.

Regarding days of the week, Thursdays have been the busiest days so far in 2022, averaging 11,247 flights. Saturdays were the slowest, averaging just 7,609 private jet flights.

Private Jet Flight Activity – Avg. Per Day of the Week

DayAvg. Private Jet Flights
Source: Argus Traqpak

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday recorded the largest increase, with each day up over 20% from 2021.

The smallest yearly increase occurred on Saturdays, up 11.6% from 2021.

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