Large cabin charter, jet card flights up 80% in November

By Doug Gollan, December 4, 2021

Large cabin private jet flights increased 72.9% leading a 45% gain compared to 2020 and setting a record for November

North American private jet flights set a record for November with over 300,000 flights, and November 28th became the busiest day in the history of private jet flying with over 13,000 flights.

There’s no let-up in sight. Argus TRAQPak analysts estimate a 37.4% increase in overall North American flight activity year over year in December 2021. Traffic is estimated to be up 17.7% from December 2019.

November flying was 45.1% ahead of 2020, with fractional operators taking a 51% increase, charter operators up 40.1%, and owned jets gaining 48%.

The big numbers were led by an 80.7% increase in Part 135 large cabin jet flights, which were up overall by 72.9%. Fractional operators saw a 62.1% gain.

Midsize jets saw a 55.2% jump in November, while light jets were up 43.1%. Turboprops trailed with a still-impressive 26.8% gain.

According to TraqPak, November numbers are usually below October, and that was true again. However, despite the 5.6% decline overall, Part 135 large cabin jets showed their strength with a month-over-month 4% increase.

October set a record with 323,000 flights.

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