After February private jet flights dipped, Argus TRAQPak is projecting numbers to plummet in March from COVID-19 Coronavirus

If there was an early March surge in private jet travel, it was lost and more by the end of the month. Argus TRAQPak is expecting flights to drop by 27.8%.

The stunning prediction comes as part of the look-ahead in its recap of February private aviation flights.

Private Jet Flight Activity Feb. 2020

TRAQPak’s review of the year over year flight activity (February 2020 vs. February 2019) indicates that February 2020 recorded a decrease of 0.2% despite an extra day in the month. Adjusting for leap year, activity was off 2.6% from February 2019.

The results by the operational category were mixed with Fractional activity posting the only yearly increase, up 7.2% from 2019. This was the 18th
straight yearly increase for the segment.

Part 135 flight activity (on-demand charter and jet cards) recorded a slight decline of 0.7% from February 2019 while Part 91 activity was down 1.7%.

The aircraft categories were mostly red for the month, with light jets posting the only yearly increase, up 4.4%. Midsize and large jets saw declines of 0.8% & 0.4% respectively, while turboprops dropped 3.0%.

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