While private jet flight numbers are expected to show impressive year-over-year gains from March 2021 onwards, they will still fall short of pre-pandemic levels, according to the latest Argus TRAQPak forecast

Argus TRAQPak’s forecast for the first four months is good news, relatively speaking. North American private jet flight hours are projected to increase by 21.6% in March 2021 on a year-over-year basis. In April 2021, Argus expects flight hours to surge by 194.9%

Private Jet travel projections 2021 vs. 2020 and 2019

Month 2021
Compared to 2020Compared to 2019
January– 12.3%– 12.6%
February– 14.8%– 15.0%
March+ 21.6%– 16.9%
April+ 194.9%– 15.8%
Source: Argus TRAQPak

However, when comparing the forecast to 2019 numbers, the expectations are less impressive. March 2021 flight hours are expected to be down 16.9% while April will be 15.8% off from two years prior.

Still, Argus gave an overall positive view, noting, “We like what we see.”

In an overview, Argus said, “Once we finally wave goodbye to 2020 we expect a fairly flat January and February, with activity remaining strong in states like Arizona and Florida and weak in California and New York.The strength we can expect to see from Arizona, Florida and Texas should help to sustain
business aviation at its current levels.

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