North American private flight activity jumped 29.6% over 2021 in February power by a 51.0% spike in large-cabin private jets, according to Argus TraqPak

February private jet flight activity increased by 29.6%, according to Argus TraqPak. The surge was powered by a 51% gain in flights by large-cabin aircraft.

Midsize jets saw a 31.2% year-over-year increase while light jets increased 29.5%. Turboprop flights were up 18.2%.

Part 91 flight had the most significant increase – up 34.4%, while charter flights were up 26.2%. Fraction operators realized a 25.1% gain.

The month also saw more record-breaking data.

“February traffic started the month slightly lower than expected, but that quickly changed with the arrival of President’s Day weekend. February 18th was the 3rd busiest day on record in our database,” says Argus Vice President Travis Kuhn.

TraqPak analysts estimate a 16.9% increase in North American private flight activity year over year this month.

Argus had predicted a 21.7% gain for February.

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