Argus predicts 21.7% February growth in private jet flights

While North American private flights in January slowed down from December, they were still well ahead of previous highs. What’s more, Argus Traqpak sees no letup.

January flights were 22.7% ahead of 2021 and 9.3% up from 2022.

All categories showed growth. Part 135 operators saw a gain of 23.2% compared to Part 91 at 22.6% and fractional (Part 91k) up 21.1%.

Large cabin charter jets saw flying 48.2% ahead of January 2021 and large cabin activity was up 39% overall.

North American Private Flight Activity (Jan. 2022 vs. 2021)

Private Jet Flight Activity January 2022
Source: Argus Traqpak

Turboprops were up 12.5%, lowest, while light jets increased flying 22.7%. Midsize jets were up 25.8%.

“Overall activity in North America and Globally cooled from December to January but activity still remained up sharply from January 2021. The monthly change can be attributed to a slight drop in leisure demand during what is normally a quiet month on the calendar. All in all business aviation remains very strong as we move through 2022,” says Travis Kuhn, Argus vice president.

Traqpak analysts estimate there will be a 21.7% increase in overall North American flight activity year over year in February 2022. Traffic is estimated to be up 7.1% from February 2020.

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