After a record October, Argus predicts more private jet gains in November

By Doug Gollan, November 5, 2021

Argus TraqPak recorded over 323,000 October private aviation flights, making it the strongest month on record.

October was the busiest month ever for private aviation flights in North America, according to Argus TraqPak. Flights were 36.4% up in 2020 and 16.1% ahead of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Argus recorded over 323,000 business aviation flights last month, making it the strongest month on record.

The results by operational category were all positive, with fractional activity up 44.8% from October 2020 and 29.3% from October 2019. Part 91 activity followed with a 36.8% increase as the segment continued to be buoyed by large-cabin activity. Part 135 rounded out the gains with a 33.0% increase en route to the busiest month on record for the segment.

Overall, October private aviation flying was 8.8% ahead of September.

The continued surge surprised many private jet executives who had predicted flying would tail off after Labor Day.

Month-over-month growth was strongest in the Southeast, where flights jumped 24.8% from September to October. Flights in California, Arizona, and Nevada surged 13.4%.

The New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana region saw an 11.4% discount. New England (-6.3%) and the Pacific Northwest/Mountain regions (-12.0%) were the only areas of the country in the red.

By aircraft cabin size, large-cabin aircraft saw an increase of 60.1% over October 2020, while midsize jets reported a gain of 46.1%. Light jets and turboprops rounded out the gains with increases of 33.9% and 20.6%, respectively.

There’s no slowdown in sight. TraqPak analysts estimate a 39.3% increase in overall North American flight activity year over year in November 2021. Traffic is estimated to be up 16.5% from November 2019.

The surge has meant hiccups and delayers for private flyers.

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