Argus TraqPak is predicting private jet flight activity growth this month after April flight hours increased by 16.7%

Argus TraqPak’s analysis of April 2022 flight hours compared to 2021 indicates a gain of 16.7%.

TraqPak analysts estimate a 14% year-over-year increase in overall North American flight activity in May.

March flights increased 18.2%.

“Even with all of the external dynamics, business aviation continues to follow the growth trend we expected in 2022. Activity is holding strong from the gains made in 2021, and we expect that to continue,” says Argus Vice President Travis Kuhn.

The results by operational category showed rises of 12%-20% for the period.

Part 91 activity remains the most robust growth segment, up 20.1% from April 2021.

Part 135 followed a 14.6% gain, and fractional activity rounded out the positive month with a 12.2% increase.

April 2022 vs. 2021 Private Jet Flight Activity – North America

Argus April 2022 private jet traffic

The aircraft categories display the same dynamics, with the large cabin segment up 31.5% from April 2021.

Midsize jets followed with a gain of 20.6%, while light jet activity increased 13.6% year over year.

The turboprop market was the only segment that didn’t record a double-digit increase but remained up 8.5% year over year.

The most significant individual gain occurred in the Part 91 large cabin segment, which recorded year-over-year growth of 36.6%.

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