Fractional Ownership 2020 numbers show NetJets, Flexjet control 85% of the market

By Doug Gollan, March 2, 2021

Private jet fractional ownership continues to be dominated by NetJets and Flexjet

Argus TRAQPak’s annual business review of private jet fractional ownership operators in North America shows from the handful of players, NetJets and Flexjet continue to dominate. Together, the top two players control 85.8% of the market based on flight hours.

Part 135 flight hours flown by the Part 91k operators are included in their totals. In other words, flights flown for jet card customers are included in the totals.

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In 2020 months, fractional operator flights and flight hours declined 22.4% and 18.6% respectively, when compared to 2019.

Overall, fractional operators flew 504,821 hours over the last 12 months. That represents a decrease of 115,467 hours from 2019.

NetJets continues its multi-decade hold on the top position with 298,904 hours, 59.2% of the market. Flexjet flew 134,481 hours, accounting for a 26.6% share. Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 operator Planesense was a distant third with 31,150 hours, good for a 6.2% market share. Phenom 300 and Phenom 100 operator Airshare clocked 11,835 hours, followed by Canadian provider Airsprint (10,112 hours) and Northern Jet Management (4,691 hours).

The Largest Fractional Private Aircraft Operators – 2020

Operator2020 Flight HoursMarket Share %
Airshare 11,8352.3%
Northern Jet Management4,6910.9%
West Coast Charters3,9390.8%

NetJets flight hours include flight hours 2,726 hours by NetJets Europe aircraft departing from North America. We didn’t include Nicholas Air, which disputes the Argus numbers and should be categorized with Part 135 operators.

Only Flexjet saw an increase in flight hours during 2020, jumping from 111,189 to 134,481 hours. However, 2019’s number doesn’t include 19,190 hours from its sister Flight Option unit, which has now been phased out.

Light jet fractional flight hours had the smallest individual decrease, down 6% in 2020. Midsize private jet flight hours declined 19.5% for the year, while large-cabin private jet hours declined 34%

Turboprop flight hours saw a decrease of 18.2% during 2020.

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