Only 3 of the 25 busiest U.S. private jet airports saw gains in 2020

By Doug Gollan, February 4, 2021

The busiest private jet airports in 2020 saw drops at 22 of 25, including a 50% drop in flights at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, which remained the busiest private jet airport in the U.S.

Nearly 90% of the busiest private jet airports in the United States saw a drop in departures for COVID-19 ravaged 2020 compared to the full year of 2019.

According to Argus TRAQPak, only Scottsdale Airport (+4.0%), Naples (+10.0%), and Aspen (+12.3%) saw departures rise. Palm Beach International saw departures decline only 1.1%, while Salt Lake City private jet flights dropped 4.9%. Miami-Opa Locka Airport activity was down 5.3%. All other airports in the top 25 experienced double-digit declines.

25 Busiest Private Jet Airports – 2020 vs. 2019

Airport – City – State2019 Departures2020 Departures% YOY Change
1. KTEB – Teterboro, NJ73,15936,508-50.1%
2. KDAL – Dallas, TX35,25329,809-15.4%
3. KPBI – Palm Beach, FL28,09427,781-1.1%
4. KVNY – Los Angeles, CA30,62324,739-19.2%
5. KAPA – Denver, CO26,98524,243-10.2%
6. KHPN – White Plains, NY32,03921,859-31.8%
7. KSDL – Scottsdale, AX20,96421,7944.0%
8. KPDK – Atlanta, GA26,16420,539-21.5%
9. KHOU – Houston, TX27,55120,145-26.9%
10. KAPF – Naples, FL17,19318,91010.0%
11. KIAD – Washington, DC28,81918,155-37.0%
12. KSNA – Orange County, CA20,92118,090-13.5%
13. KLAS – Las Vegas, NV29,17917,802-39.0%
14. KOPF – Miami, FL18,44617,462-5.3%
15. KSLC – Salt Lake City, UT16,54215,737-4.9%
16. KFXE – Ft. Lauderdale, FL15,16913,537-10.8%
17. KPWK – Chicago, IL15,31013,430-12.3%
18. KBNA – Nashville, TN18,78913,288-29.3%
19. KMDW – Chicago, IL24,99813,198-47.2%
20. KBFI – Seattle, WA18,16213,085-28.0%
21. KBED – Boston, MA19,62513,064-33.4%
22. KASE – Aspen, CO 11,40212,80912.3%
23. KAUS – Austin, TX16,47012,680-23.0%
24. KFLL – Ft. Lauderdale, FL14,87612,401-16.6%
25. KSAT – San Antonio, TX16,20912,098-25.4%
Source: Argus TRAQPak

The most significant drop in departures was Teterboro, the major private jet airport serving New York City. Flights plummeted 50.1%. Chicago’s Midway Airport also saw a steep drop (-47.2%).

Dropping at least 30% were Westchester County Airport (-31.8%) north of New York City, Boston’s Hanscom Field (-33.4%), Washington-Dulles (-37.0%), Las Vegas-Mc Carran Airport (39.0%).

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Five Florida airports (Palm Beach, Naples, Miami-Opa Locka, Ft. Lauderdale Executive, and Ft. Lauderdale International) made the top 25. Texas had four airports (Dallas-Love Field, Houston-Hobby, Austin-Bergstrom, and San Antonio).

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Despite its drop in activity, Teterboro remained the busiest airport in the U.S., followed by Love Field in Dallas, Palm Beach International, Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, and Centennial Airport serving Denver.

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