PlaneSense expands its Pilatus PC-24 private jet fleet

By Doug Gollan, May 14, 2019

The fractional operator sells shares on its Pilatus PC-12 and now expanding PC-24 fleet

While most people would probably know the nation’s two biggest fractional operators are NetJets and Flexjet, they might be hard-pressed to name number three. That would be New Hampshire-based PlaneSense. And while the two leaders battle it out with Gulfstream G650s and the Global Express, PlaneSense continues to pursue the short to mid-range flight market. Today it announced it has taken delivery of its third Pilatus PC-24, a twin-jet with a range of 2,000 nautical miles, and a takeoff distance of just 2,930 feet, including gravel and grass runways.

Pilatus PC-24 performance

“We are thrilled with the performance of the PC-24 jets,” said George Antoniadis, President and CEO, PlaneSense, Inc. “Our clients continue to embrace the innovative design, spacious cabin, and short field capabilities, which truly sets these jets apart from any other super light jet.”

Pilatus PC-24 private jet
PlaneSense Pilatus PC-24 seating plan

Antoniadis said in 18 months the company’s ranks of PC-24 pilots has grown to 20, including the company’s first four women PC-24 pilots. A total of 30 maintenance technicians are trained to service the airframes and engines of the jets at Atlas Aircraft Center, a PlaneSense sister company located at the company headquarters in Portsmouth, NH.

So far, the company said its PC-24s have accumulated more than 1,200 hours of flight time in just a little over a year of operations.

Pilatus PC-24 interior
Pilatus PC-24 cabin interior

“The PC-24 jet has proven to be very popular among our fractional program clients and they are excited to fly in the jet as often as possible,” added Antoniadis. “We are very appreciative of our clients who have trusted us and bought shares in the PC-24 as we continue to establish the program. Their enthusiasm for the aircraft makes us especially eager to take delivery of the remaining three jets in our initial order.”

More PC-24s coming for PlaneSense

PlaneSense, Inc. expects delivery of its next two PC-24 jets later this year. The final jet in the original order of six is expected in early 2020, which also marks the fractional program’s 25th year of operation.

PC-24 jet owners can fly within the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Central America, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico the Islands of the Caribbean including Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Curacao, Aruba, and the country of the Dominican Republic (but not Haiti).

PC-12 owners can fly within the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas and the Islands of the Caribbean north of and including the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Last year PlaneSense clocked 35,047 flight hours, putting it behind second place Flexjet at 85,520 hours but ahead of Flight Options (26,270 hours), Airshare (18,048) and Nicholas Air (10,449 hours). PlaneSense does not offer jet cards. PlaneSense has said bad airline service has been a factor in its growth.

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