Fractional operator AirSprint ranks first on our first list of the largest Canadian charter and fractional private jet operators.

This year we have broken out Canadian private jet operators from our overall list of biggest private jet operators to create a ranking specific to our neighbors from the north.

At the top of the list is Calgary-based fractional provider AirSprint with 27,233 flight hours in 2022, according to Argus TraqPak data. The company also saw 43.1% growth from 2021 to 2022.

Its 2022 numbers would have ranked it as the 9th largest fractional/charter operator in our U.S. list this year.

Top Canadian Private Jet Operators – 2022

RankCompany Name20212022% Change
1 (1)AirSprint            19,032            27,23343.1%
2 (2)Chartright Air Group            12,922            16,19725.3%
3 (4)Sunwest Aviation            11,093            12,66414.2%
4 (5)Skyservice               8,438            12,05142.8%
5 (3)Canwest Air            11,242            11,2710.3%
6 (6)Panorama  Aviation               7,181               9,84837.1%
7 (7)Fast Air               7,005               8,36919.5%
Source: Argus TraqPak

AirSprint offers Citation CJ2+ and CJ3+ light jet options and Legacy 450 and Praetor 500 midsize programs.

Chartright Air Group held its second spot with 25,3% growth clocking 16,197 hours, which would have placed it 14th on our U.S. list.

Sunwest Aviation moved from fourth to third place, while Skyservice climbed from fifth to fourth spot with 42.8% growth.

Panorama Aviation and Fast Air rounded out our list of the biggest Canadian charter and fractional operators, according to Argus.

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