Vault Aviation

Vault Jet Executive Overview

Year Founded



Dallas, TX


Weston Hull


Paul Taskalos


Christen Ancona

EVP, Sales

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light Jets at $7,595 per hour, including FET with a 120-minute daily minimum

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Vault Aviation is a Dallas, Texas-based broker of on-demand charter that offers a jet card with an hourly rate cap.

Co-Founders Weston Hull and Paul Taskalos have been best friends since meeting in eighth grade.

The pair attended the University of Notre Dame before taking separate career paths.

Before entering the private aviation industry, Hull worked for an NFL Sports Agency. Taskalos began his career as a litigation attorney, handling complex issues.

The Vault Max Card does not have a fixed percentage or metric for round-trip discounts since the approach of the entire program is to offer an on-demand rate below the fixed jet card price on every trip when possible.

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Vault Jet Fast Facts

When was Vault Jet founded?


Who owns Vault Jet?

Vault Aviation is privately held.

How many customers does Vault Jet have?

Not disclosed.

What are the annual revenues for Vault Jet?

Not disclosed.

Who is the CEO of Vault Jet?

Weston Hall

How does Vault Jet source private jets?

Vault Aviation is a broker and sources aircraft through third-party charter operators.

How much does Vault Jet private jet programs cost?

Vault’s jet card starts at $100,000.

What type of pricing does Vault Jet offer?

Vault Aviation offers fixed-hourly rates

What is Vault Jet's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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