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JetSet Group Executive Overview

Year Founded



New York, NY


Steve Orfali


Jet Card Hourly Rates

Light jets from $7,813 per hour

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JetSet Group Inc. is a full-service boutique private jet and aircraft brokerage company selling jet cards and on-demand charter.

The brokerage provides access to over 5,000 aircraft, from turboprops to VIP Airliners.

Each customer has their own dedicated concierge, including arranging ground transportation, flexible flight arrangements, and continuous tracking.

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JetSet Group Fast Facts

When was JetSet Group founded?


Who owns JetSet Group?

Steve Orfali

How many customers does JetSet Group have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for JetSet Group?

Not disclosed

Who is the CEO of JetSet Group?

Steve Orfali

How does JetSet Group source private jets?

JetSet Group sources aircraft via third-party private jet operators

How much does JetSet Group private jet programs cost?

JetSet Group’s jet card programs start at 25 hours.

What type of pricing does JetSet Group offer?

JetSet Group offers fixed-hourly rates

What is JetSet Group's website?

Find the perfect solution for your private aviation needs

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