Ajax Jets

Ajax Jets Executive Overview

Year Founded



Norwell, MA


Justin Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Morris

Chief Financial Officer

John O’Neil

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Kane

Director of Charter Sales

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Falcon 50 rates are $7,525 per hour, including FET

Related Products

Aircraft Management; Aircraft Sales; On-demand charter, Empty legs

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Private FLITE

Ajax Jets sells jet cards and fractional shares on a fleet of managed Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 50 private jets operated by Chicago Air Group.

It was founded in 2020 by Justin Sullivan as a sister company to Wyvern accredited charter brokerage Private FLITE.

The company originally targeted flyers who plan in advance and can benefit from fixed rates, including $27,500 in selected transcontinental markets.

However, its jet card and fractional programs were on hiatus as of July 23.

It continues to offer on-demand charter flights. 

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Ajax Jets Fast Facts

When was Ajax Jets founded?


Who owns Ajax Jets?

Flite Partners, LLC

How many customers does Ajax Jets have?

Not disclosed

What are the annual revenues for Ajax Jets?

Not disclosed

Who is the CEO of Ajax Jets?

Justin Sullivan

How does Ajax Jets source private jets?

Fleet of managed fractional aircraft.

How much does Ajax Jets private jet programs cost?

Ajax Jets’ charter and fractional programs are currently suspended.

What type of pricing does Ajax Jets offer?

Dynamic pricing.

What is Ajax Jets's website?


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