Dassault Falcon jet card provider Ajax Jets is adding to its fleet of nine Falcon 50s with a co-ownership program with hourly rates at $4,350 per hour

Ajax Jets, which launched last year offering a jet card program on an owned and leased fleet of Falcon 50s and 900s, is expanding its super-midsize fleet with a co-ownership program.

Four units per aircraft range from $485,000 to $750,000 and offer a 50-hour annual license to fly at $4,350 per hour, plus 7.5% FET, with a two-hour daily minimum. There is a 120 hours notice for non-peak days. Flights within five days of major holidays require 30-days notice. Deicing is extra.

There are three different Falcon 50s available for purchase. Each has its own terms, including varying buy-backs after five to seven years.

The Falcon 50 has a cabin height of 5 feet, 10 inches, and a width of 6 feet, 1 inch. It can seat up to nine passengers and has a transcontinental range. Free domestic WiFi is included.

Chicago Air Group operates the aircraft. Ajax Jets offers a growing list of providers offering co-ownership and own-lease-fly programs, including FlyExclusive, Jet Linx, and VeriJet. Additionally, Partners in Aviation has been expanding its shared ownership reach.

Sales of pre-owned private jets are set to reach record levels, according to Global Jet Capital.

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