Key Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Private Jet Card

In our comparison of over 65 variances of private jet cards and prepaid programs, we cover a plethora of key differences. Some may be very important to you and others won’t matter. Here are questions to ask yourself and the vendors before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Where will I be traveling? Some programs are focused on North America while others are global in scope.
2. How many people will I normally be traveling with? You’ll want to choose a program where the aircraft type fits the normal maximum number of travelers in your party.
3. How many miles distance are my typical trips? You’ll want to make sure you are looking at programs where the planes can fly you nonstop where possible.
4. Will I be traveling with pets or sending unaccompanied minors? While most programs allow pets, there may be additional fees and some programs have age restrictions for minors traveling alone.
5. When will I be traveling? Most programs have peak days that may have higher rates and longer booking windows. There may also be blackout dates.
6. What are the minimum hours charged? Some programs charge a minimum of 2 hours per day when you are using a plane, which might make that 40-minute hop pretty expensive.
7. What are my upgrade and downgrade options? Sometimes you might want a larger or small plane. Conditions vary by program and vendor.
8. Do you care about VIP perks such as free luxury hotel stays, jewelry and fashion discounts and access to events? Several jet card programs have extensive programs, while others offer bare bones or nothing.
9. Do you care about the age of the planes you are flying? While private aviation travel is safer than taking a bath by 12-to-1 statistically, some programs offer options that guarantee newer planes.
10. Is WiFi critical to you? Not all private aircraft have WiFi. Some providers have it in 100% of their planes and others will offer programs that guarantee WiFi, while others it is hit and miss.
11. How much luggage and sporting equipment (skis, golf clubs, dive gear) are you typically taking? Smaller planes have less space to accommodate baggage and oversize bags, and range of aircraft depends on the load of passengers and luggage. Make sure the aircraft type you are considering can make it where you want to go nonstop with a full load.
12. Do you care if the interiors and configurations of the planes you will fly on are all the same?  If so, you will want to take a closer look at providers that have fractional fleets or own their fleets.
13. What will your provider do after you send them your money? Ask about how your money is held until you actually take the flight, as well as ownership, size and company history.
14. Will you need to use multiple aircraft at the same time? Some programs allow multiple same-time aircraft use, others don’t, some restrict it to non-peak days. If you are buying a program for multiple family members or business, this could be an important factor in choosing the right program.

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