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Private Jet Card Comparisons offers paid subscribers a fast way to compare private flight options and providers with more than 900 programs options so you can choose what’s right for you.


Private Jet Cards

Compare over 80 providers by 65 variables

Jet Cards and Memberships vary from those that offer fixed or capped hourly rates to ones that feature dynamic pricing with additional benefits compared to buying flight-by-flight. Compare programs by over 65 variables, including pricing, primary service area, extended service area, aircraft types, seating capacity, extra charges, and amenities from WiFi to pet policies and catering. QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING enables you to compare program flight costs head-to-head.

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A curated list of leading brokers

Chartering flight-by-flight on-demand enables you to specify exactly what you want, from aircraft vintage to configuration, at market rates. In this case, expertise matters. We’ve culled 1000s of on-demand brokers to create this targeted list.

Visit DG Amazing Experiences
Visit DG Amazing Experiences
jet sharing by the seat

Jet Sharing

By-the-seat and shared costs

Jet Sharing enables you to split the cost of your private jet charter or by single seats on scheduled flights operating from private terminals. Jet sharing saves money and enables you to bypass crowded airport terminals and TSA lines. Our Jet Sharing Guide gives you of who offers these services, what routes you can fly, and how much it costs.


Fractional Ownership

Private Jet Ownership without the headaches

Fractional Ownership enables you to have aircraft access with as little as six hours’ notice. Our Fractional Private Jet Calculator enables you to compare prices, including monthly management cost, and the cost of ownership, including residual value.

Buy A Jet

Private Jet ownership puts you in control

95% of Fortune magazine’s ‘Best Places to Work’ companies own private jets, and 70% of companies using private aviation outperform those that don’t.

Make the Right Decision
Compare Jet Cards by 65+ Variables That Matter

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