With all sorts of fees and surcharges, figuring out what you will actually pay for your jet card flights is not always easy. Problem solved.

QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING shows you estimated prices for your specific flights! Simply enter your estimated annual flight hours and flight time you want to compare. If you don’t know your flight time, you can even use our Flight Time Calculator.

– Published hourly rate

– Taxi time charges

– Federal Excise Tax

– Daily minimums

– Peak day surcharges

– Deicing fees

– Fuel surcharges

– Initiation fees

– Monthly and annual membership charges

Your subscription to the 2019 (and 2020) edition of Private Jet Card Comparisons also includes our VIP JET CARD DECIDER personal assistance and comparisons of over 250 programs by more than 65 variables. Save hours of research time. Save thousands of dollars from buying the wrong program. Use your favorite credit card. Please click the Buy Now button below to process your secure one-time secure transaction of $250. 

Save Time…We Make It Easy For You


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