Aerovanti Executive Overview

Year Founded



Sarasota, Florida


Patrick Britton-Harr

Chairman and CEO

Jet Card Hourly Rates

Piaggio P.180 from $2,495 per hour

Sarasota, Florida-based AeroVanti was founded in May 2021 by medical services entrepreneur Patrick Britton-Harr.

It previously had dual headquarters before closing its Annapolis, Maryland location.

It initially used an owned/leased fleet of Piaggio P.180 aircraft operated by Brazos Valley Air Charter. As of September 2021, the partnership ended.

The program targets flyers who want low rates and have the flexibility to fly on an as-available provider.

It started with five dedicated aircraft.

As of January 2023, it claimed to have a dozen aircraft.

It has signed sponsorships as the private aviation provider for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Cubs, and US Sailing.

AeroVanti has also claimed to have raised significant money, including a $100 million investment in 2022.

However, it has been plagued by member complaints, and in May and June 2023, it was served with five different lawsuits, including allegations of fraud.

Britton-Harr was removed as CEO and is under indictment by the Justice Department for fraud.

However, he returned at the end of 2023.

Its website is offline.

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Aerovanti Fast Facts

When was Aerovanti founded?


Who owns Aerovanti?

Patrick Britton-Harr and investors

How many customers does Aerovanti have?

AeroVanti had around 400 Top Gun and Pay-as-you-go members as of January 2023.

What are the annual revenues for Aerovanti?

The company claimed over $20 million in revenues in 2022.

Who is the CEO of Aerovanti?

Todd Britton-Harr replaced Scott Hopes as CEO in October 2023; Brother and original CEO Patrick Britton-Harr became Chairman and Founder as of June 2023 and then was removed, according to Hopes. Todd has since resigned with Patrick taking his place.

How does Aerovanti source private jets?

AeroVanti uses mainly leased and owned aircraft, although several have been repossessed. 

How many airplanes, what types of planes are in Aerovanti fleet?

AeroVanti claims to have around 12 aircraft. However, lawsuits and officials acknowledge only a couple were flying at any given time in 2023.

How much does Aerovanti private jet programs cost?

Its pay-as-you-go program is $1,000 per month. Top Gun memberships sell for between $75,000 and $150,000.

What type of pricing does Aerovanti offer?

Flights are priced based on Part 91F expense sharing and are marketed as costing under $2,000 per hour on P.180 turboprops. 

What is Aerovanti's website?

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